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Why is Vulnerability a Human Thing?

Masculinity (synonymous with words like strength, virility, and machismo) is perceived as a badge of honor worn proudly by men worldwide.

And yet, 51% of men say they have two or fewer friends to discuss serious topics with, like worries about money, health, and career.

When Dai Manuel’s search for vulnerability resources for men returned empty, he realized the solution wasn’t so simple.

In his impassioned talk, Dai explores how embracing vulnerability can help men achieve more happiness and fulfillment. After all, ‘Vulnerability is a Human Thing.'

"Dai has helped us so much, on so many levels! Nutrition, training, mindset and developing our business! He's a great source of motivation. If you talk to him for only 5 minutes you will have the motivation to move mountains! Dai is an incredible Coach. He has changed our lives."

- Karine B. (Bali, Indonesia)

"Dai is an incredible coach! Patient, encouraging, and extremely knowledgeable. He truly motivates forward momentum and positive change. No B.S. approach delivered through a very caring filter. I'm very thankful to have the opportunity to work with Dai, and to be able to call him a friend."

- Jason M. (Alberta, Canada)

"He is an amazing role model for humanity but especially men! He is an awesome example of living through adversity and life’s challenges. He mapped this out for us all in his book, which I refer to regularly still (after many years now)! I’m a member of the WLFM and will continue to as long as I’m above dirt!"

- Chris W. (BC, Canada)

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